About Melissa Wagner

 With a background in scientific illustration, Melissa Wagner's work uses  a variety of methods and media to engage the natural world and  illuminate its earthly remnants. A disparate falling of leaves,  scattered branches, crushed shells, and dried ferns, emerge from a  paintings surface to create organic three-dimensional works that  incorporate intense color, texture, and a perpetually changing surface.  Through her work, Melissa strives to examine and magnify the disguised  processes that envelope the living world while addressing issues  concerning reproduction and the environment. Mixing the products of  nature themselves with glossy synthetic resin coats, Melissa playfully  composes her vision of a world that harnesses natural subjects to  construct new models where art, earth, science, and wonder intersect.  Melissa draws her inspiration from her love of nature and extensive  local and global travels.        

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Melissa Wagner

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